SERV opens Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic

Celebrating the grand opening and ribbon cutting of SERV Centers of N.J.’s CCBHC program in Clifton are, from left, Matt Mantone, VP Program Development; Pauline Simms, COO of SERV Centers; Regina Widdows, SERV Behavioral Health System President/CEO; Deb Hartel, Deputy Commissioner for Integrated Health Services for the N.J. Department of Health; and Marc Ackerman, Director of the CCBHC/Outpatient program.

On September 20, SERV Centers of New Jersey, a division of SERV Behavioral Health System, Inc., celebrated the grand opening of Partners in Wellness, a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC), located at 777 Bloomfield Avenue in Clifton. 

The CCBHC will provide community-based, integrated care for children, youth, and adults who have complex mental health, substance use, and physical health needs. Partners in Wellness is one of only 9 CCBHC programs in the state of New Jersey. The implementation of a CCBHC program in Passaic County was made possible through a federal grant that SERV Centers of N.J. received from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. 

Regina Widdows, President and CEO of SERV Behavioral Health System, Inc., welcomed guests. "I am thrilled to be standing here before you to welcome this new program into our portfolio of services. For 45 years, SERV has provided a continuum of care in 11 counties in New Jersey … and we continue to evolve using the newest consumer-driven and evidence-based practices in behavioral health. With our new CCBHC program, our dedicated SERV team will provide quality treatment and recovery supports in one place, so that individuals with complex mental health, substance use, and physical health needs can experience improved health and wellness." 

Deb Hartel, Deputy Commissioner for Integrated Health Services for the New Jersey Department of Health, congratulated SERV for providing this vital service to the Passaic County community. She then introduced Pauline Simms, Chief Operating Officer of SERV Centers of New Jersey, who provided closing comments. "With over 500,000 Passaic County residents, there are approximately 120,000 community members who will experience a mental health need during the next year. Over 15,000 adults in Passaic County will experience a serious mental illness. In 2018, Passaic County had 196 drug-related deaths. This year, there have already been 113 drug-related deaths through August. Our CCBHC will help people who may have a mental illness, substance abuse, or physical health need. When these three issues occur at the same time, it makes treatment more difficult. But by bringing together one team who can work collaboratively with the individual in need, to help them holistically, there will be better outcomes, and we can help these individuals live their best lives." 

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